Colour Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

Colour Pop is one of the most talked about brands lately and I recently decided to finally give them a try! I had been waiting until their Emerald Green ‘Dr. M’ was available to place an order and when Brooke let me know that it was in stock I was off like a shot!

I decided to pick up four of their Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks to get a bit of a spread of the different colors!colour pop matte lipsticks

Colour POP!

From left to right I have Kapow, Limbo, Guess and Dr. M. I think something that is made clear by the swatches is that the color in the tube does not accurately present the color that will end up on your lips! That being said – I think they are very long wearing, especially in the more nude shades and they have amazing colour payoff. One well applied coat is all you need for an even and opaque color.


kapow swatches colour pop swatchesThis is a perfect greige color! I have trouble finding a very neutral nude as most shades tend to be very warm. Pink shades are great when you want them, but with green hair the situation can get dicey quickly! This has been my go to neutral shade since the package arrived and I would highly recommend it!


colour pop limbo swatch try onI would say that Limbo is the opposite to Kapow in that it actually very warm toned. I would describe it as more of a warm brown than a true neutral. I really like the color and I think that the swatch online doesn’t do it justice!


colour pop swatches

Guess is a bit darker than I had expected. I am a bit of a purple lip aficionado, a holdover from my purple-hair days so I have tried more than my fair share of purple lip colors, but I don’t find this to be a true purple. I think it can come off as black in the right lighting so it isn’t going to be for everyone. This is the most liquid formula of the bunch but it still performs in terms of application and wear time so I definitely recommend it as an affordable option for a very vampy lip!

Dr. M

green liquid lipstick Dr. M colour pop swatchesOn to the last, but certainly not the least of my lip picks! Green lipstick incredibly difficult to find. I had been searching since I colored my hair in the fall and I wasn’t having much luck finding a color I likes, let alone something matte. I would say that this is definitely the driest of the colors I purchased however the color was the truest, both to the online swatch and the tube. This does wear off the fastest but as you may know if you frequent bolder lip colors, that isn’t out of the norm.

I would say that overall these are really great products that dry fully matte and have a smooth opaque formula. I would definitely order more! One of the only downsides is that the Colour Pop logo on the packaging is pretty flimsy and rubs off quickly. I think that is a minor issue however.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know which of these colors is your favorite or which colors you think I should try out next! Have a great day!



  1. March 3, 2016 / 7:39 am

    I’ve never heard of Colour Pop before. But that green, I dunno when I would wear it but I WANT IT however you mention it is the driest and my lips are already so dry so I would be worried about that.
    I also love the look of Limbo!
    I’ve never tried a liquid matte lipstick they look like they are worth it!

    Rai |

    • March 4, 2016 / 11:58 pm

      I have been trying out a lip exfoliater recently and that has helped with the dryness! I agree that it can be a difficult color to wear every day – but I love it for a night out! Limbo is definitely the most wearable color so if you want to try one out I would definitely go for that first! =)

  2. March 3, 2016 / 11:26 am

    Dying to try colour pop, it’s on my list when I get paid! So awkward to order though. Limbo is a lush colour, definitely need that one! I thought Kapow was going to be a dusty pink from the tube! It’s a bit like my OG Ghoulish from Lasplash! I think Dr M and Guess would scare me, you pull them off so well! Wish I could! Xx

    Tamz |

    • March 5, 2016 / 12:02 am

      Colour Pop has been talking about possible out of US shipping soon so hopefully it will be easier to get your hands on in the future! Limbo might be my all time favorite lip color at the moment – so neutral and so wearable! I was a little surprised when I opened Kapow but it has grown on me! I am always an advocate of trying out a bold lip color. Especially at affordable prices you never know what will surprise you and look amazing!

  3. May 7, 2016 / 3:14 pm

    Ohhhh lovely picks! I have Guess and it’s a fave but you’re right – definitely not for everyone and it’s VERY vampy.

  4. February 20, 2017 / 10:04 am

    I have lots of colourpop ultra mattes including Dr M – I adore the color but this specific one is so dry it is almost impossible to apply and just crumbles off my lips. I am so disappointed- do you think I got a dud or should I keep trying? I am very experienced with lip colors so I was surprised not to be able to make it work (yet). They all look great on you btw!

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